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#OLifeAtHome: Oceania Cruises Trivia

Have you been joining us for #TeamTriviaThursdays at 2 pm ET on Facebook? Our fantastic cruise directors have been hosting a live trivia quiz each week, focusing on everything from sports and movies to cuisine and music. For those of you who just can’t get enough trivia – and can’t wait to get back on board – here a few of our favorite Oceania Cruises trivia questions. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see how many you answered correctly and stay tuned for more fun trivia questions in the coming weeks and months.

  1. How many bottles of wine and Champagne are you likely to find in any of our ships’ wine cellars?
  2. a. 12,000
    b. 7,500
    c. 19,000
    d. 6,000

  3. Oceania Cruises christened two of its ships in which city?
  4. a. Miami
    b. Barcelona
    c. Istanbul
    d. San Francisco
    Extra credit – can you name the ships?

  5. Oceania Cruises sails to all of the world’s continents except which one?
  6. a. Australia
    b. North America
    c. South America
    d. Antarctica

  7. Oceania Cruises’ Marina and Riviera have as much kitchen space as which of the following?
  8. a. The Mall of The Americas
    b. The Titanic
    c. MGM Grand Las Vegas
    d. U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz

  9. How many ports of call does Oceania Cruises sail to?
  10. a. More than 150
    b. More than 300
    c. More than 450
    d. More than 600

  11. Oceania Cruises' most extravagant suites were furnished by which style icon?
  12. a. Donatella Versace
    b. Martha Stewart
    c. Ralph Lauren
    d. Calvin Klein

  13. If you are aboard Oceania Cruises’ Insignia sailing through Two Rock Passage, you are where?
  14. a. Juneau, Alaska
    b. Svalbard, Norway
    c. Hamilton, Bermuda
    d. Greenock, Scotland

  15. What is the most popular afternoon activity aboard an Oceania Cruises ship?
  16. a. Team Trivia
    b. Afternoon Tea
    c. Bingo
    d. Shuffleboard

  17. Approximately how many lunch and dinner menu items can you choose from during the course of a typical voyage aboard Oceania Cruises?
  18. a. 300
    b. 900
    c. 250
    d. 450

  19. Oceania Cruises’ Executive Culinary Director is which world-famous chef?
  20. a. Rachel Ray
    b. Emeril Lagasse
    c. Jacques Pépin
    d. Wolfgang Puck

    1. a. 12,000
    2. b. Barcelona; extra credit: Riviera and Regatta
    3. d. Antarctica
    4. d. U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz
    5. c. More than 450
    6. c. Ralph Lauren
    7. c. Hamilton, Bermuda
    8. It’s a tie! a. Team Trivia and b. Afternoon Tea
    9. b. 900
    10. c. Jacques Pépin